Great Ukulele Songs

This past week, my ukulele arrived.

I’ve decided to pick up the uke for three reasons:

  1. I tried to learn a guitar once, but even with practice, I could never get barre chords. Ukulele is much smaller and easier to manage for someone of my size.
  2. I’m writing my own indie-folk songs again and need to accompany myself. (Piano was my first choice, but I’ve decided to delay getting one, for the time being.)
  3. I need more offline hobbies, and learning a new instrument is always a good idea.

I went with the Fender telecaster ukulele because it looks beautiful 😆 and it has an electric mode (!!). I’ve long wanted to learn electric guitar, since I’m also into post-rock music (layered, instrumental electric guitar pieces). This seemed like a good way to try that without buying another instrument.

Right now I’m learning Mr. Tambourine Man (Bob Dylan’s original version). But here’s some other great ukulele songs I might learn in the future:

House of Gold / twenty one pilots

A classic TOP song. My sister and I used to sing this in the car together. 🙂

blame game / mxmtoon

There’s SO many great mxmtoon songs, but I would be so proud if I could play this one someday. It’s got some of her best lyrics IMO, plus a wonderful 3/4 waltz feel.

Rise / Eddie Vedder

Eddie Vedder is a recent indie folk find, and I’m really glad I did. “Rise” is much harder than the previous two songs, but certainly something to aspire to!

For me the biggest challenge is learning how to strum and sing at the same time, off-beat from each other. I’ve been playing music for most of my life, but this is something I never learned, formally or informally. Should be a fun challenge!

3 thoughts on “Great Ukulele Songs

  1. I too tried to learn the guitar once and failed. In recollection, I am certain it was an issue of maturity. I was younger then, and I very much liked the notion of having a guitar more than I enjoyed the reality of practicing.

    Your selection of a Fender is commendable. There are many, many poorly made, cheap instruments in the world. You should not find that to be the case with yours. The particular color is also quite fetching as well. I hope you profit by it.


      1. I’m also subscribed to your YouTube channel. Occasionally, you may see me pass by with a comment under the moniker “Possible Pilot Deviation.” I hope then that you will honor us with a recording one day on that platform, when you feel ready.

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