Lonely Generation by Echosmith – Album Review

Today Echosmith dropped their latest album Lonely Generation, which thanks to YouTube ads I got to listen to for free. 😉

If their name doesn’t ring a bell…the band (three siblings: Sydney, Noah, and Graham) is best known for their 2013 hit “Cool Kids,” which used to be played in stores a lot. It’s a good song, though my personal favorites by them are Tell Her You Love Her, Safest Place, Nothing’s Wrong, and Over My Head. I wouldn’t call myself an Echosmith fan, but they have an upbeat sound with non-explicit lyrics, and I like to see what they’re up to.

Lonely Generation starts off with a single by the same name—a song about zoomers (Gen Z) and how the internet has affected their lives and relationships. As a millennial I found this song relatable, too, and it’s definitely the most catchy off the album.

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We’re the lonely generation
A pixelated version of ourselves
Empty conversations
I’ve disconnected, now I’m by myself

The rest of the tracks are pretty consistent with the Echosmith sound. I found some new favorites, which I’ll share below. Quite a few songs do suffer from a lack of originality, which has been my main quibble with the band in the past. It’s not that they can’t write a really great song (see examples above), but so many of their songs in general are just not memorable to me.

But I’m getting ahead of myself… here’s the track list:

  1. Lonely Generation
  2. Diamonds
  3. Cracked
  4. Shut Up and Kiss Me
  5. Stuck
  6. Last Forever
  7. Everyone Cries
  8. Scared to Be Alone
  9. Lost Somebody
  10. Love You Better
  11. Follow You
  12. I Don’t Wanna Lose My Love

Some of these songs weren’t my cup of tea (“Diamonds” and “Shut Up and Kiss Me”)…again, on a scale of mediocre to original, they were kind of “meh.”

What was really interesting to me was the overall darker nature of this album, a return to the deeper (and sometimes sadder) bent of their older songs while still keeping their retro vibe. I really liked “Cracked” and “Everyone Cries,” which both fit the Lonely Generation theme:

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Heart broken down the middle
So lost and don’t know why
Everyone cries

(Petition for Sydney to start a side gig where she just sings ballads—anyone?!)

On a brighter note, “Lost Somebody” is a high-energy bop about getting your heart broken (for reals), and “Follow You” is primed to make the rounds of 2020 weddings:

Listen on YouTube

And I, I thank God for you all the time
Someone who knows my faults
But loves me despite them all

Overall I give Lonely Generation 3/5 stars—a decent, middle-of-the-road album. They’ve proved they can do a variety of genres, but I’d love to see Echosmith pivot to a softer sound or even full acoustic, which seems to be their strength.

Author: Marian

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