The Nutcracker Medley – Nicholas Yee

I promised myself the first song I shared would be a) happy, and b) hold some personal meaning. After a bit of introspection, the obvious answer suddenly came to me: Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker, sampled in the form of this incredible cover by cellist Nicholas Yee. He chose some of the best moments in the entire ballet, and the arrangement really showcases the versatility of the cello (an instrument I especially love because my sister played it for many years :)).

The Nutcracker score is probably my most favorite music in the world, no exaggeration. Somewhere there are pictures of little-me in a ballet costume, which, along with December trips to the theater, make up my first memories of these melodies. It was the first classical music I fell in love with, and over the subsequent decades I’ve found The Nutcracker grows more beautiful with age, as you notice more of the pathos which makes the high points so joyful and the low points so moving.

As we head into the winter months, I’m sure I’ll have more to say about The Nutcracker and maybe share complete recordings of the less famous pieces from it. For now, let me know your thoughts on Tchaikovsky’s score and this cello cover!


  1. i found your new blog! a first for me in the ultra-confusing world of computation… i confess to not liking Nutcracker very much, probably due to having to play it every year for too long at Xmas season…


    1. Thanks for checking it out! 🙂 Re: Nutcracker, that’s too bad but totally understandable. I almost wonder if it would be a good idea for The Nutcracker and Handel’s Messiah to be given a break from the repertoire.


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